This is a very important aspect of a child’s growth wherein they will be allowed to freely and satisfactorily express their talents in different forms of Arts, Craft, Science, Technology, Mathematics and other basic Engineering Skills.

Entrepreneurship strategies will be integrated into the main content of a subject which has to do with skills to be developed through the topics treated. What needs to be integrated is added to the main content of the subject thereby widening the scope of coverage of the subject content.

Entrepreneurship education will be integrated into career subjects through common or strongly related topics. In teaching English Language for example, the integration strategy will require that the language element to be learnt is taught communicatively in real life context where the pupil will actually be encountering the language at the Grammatical level, vocabulary to use as building blocks in developing reading, writing, and critical thinking capabilities.

What makes CEEA unique is its entrepreneurial approach to education and educational programmes, competitions and activities and the blend of French Language in some particular subjects to encourage bilingualism.